Scholarship Award Winners


Project Reach

Rendering Educational Assistance through Caring Hands

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A mentor program for the recipients of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Foundation scholarships.

Project REACH is designed to provide a support system for students through their interactions with mentors and participant in a variety of activities to help enhance their self-esteem, improve academic achievement and achieve realistic goals. Mentors will be responsible, respectful and caring adults to serve as role models and empathetic advisors.

Project Reach Objectives Mentors will:

  • Help guide students toward self-reliance as they set realistic goals and make responsible choices;
  • Help students in resolving personal problems and academic challenges;
  • Help students develop a stronger sense of self-esteem and confidence as they pursue enhanced knowledge and higher education;
  • Help students foster positive attitudes about serving others through working with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Cultural Foundation.

Program Guidelines and Design

  • A student must give written or verbal permission for his/her participation in the program
  • The mentor will communicate with the student at least once a month (through email, facebook, twitter, phone call, note, planned activity, etc.)
  • The mentor will involve parent(s)/guardian(s) in the mentoring program as appropriate
  • The mentor will encourage responsible behavior and monitor academic progress
  • The mentor and student will ascertain the compatibility of the relationship and agree on the duration of the relationship

Mentor Application Form